About New Orleans/Baton Rouge

New Orleans

Between the festivals, museums, and nightlife, there is always something to do in the Cresent City. New Orleans always has an event going on just blocks from wherever you are. This city is also full of history- from the St. Louis Cathedral which has stood the test of time for centuries to the buildings that still haven’t re-opened from Hurricane Katrina. Whatever you are looking for, New Orleans has it, not to mention, the food here is better than anywhere else.

bourbon-street-new-orleans-louisiana-1024x680Baton Rouge

The 300 year old Capital City is pretty incredible as well. Home to the old and new state capital buildings, Baton Rouge is a hub of Louisiana. Baton Rouge is not only a city of politics, though, there are many national and local business that thrive in this city and the people here understand the meaning of Southern Hospitality. So take a walk by the river or tour the capital, but don’t miss out on seeing one of the best parts of Louisiana. baton_rouge

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